In an e-mail from 2007/02/09 the manufacturer asked me to »remove anMCT 5000y hyperlink to our website until 2007/02/09 at the latest« (now that's a period I would wish for the rectification of programming errors!). In the e-mail the used term is »ask to« but without any legal right to the removal of hyperlinks it's still just a request, which I will nevertheless fulfil without delay, of course.

Naturally I have to revise my account of website programming completely at this point: given the attempt not to be found, the website is programmed extremely well! I guess I don't have to understand the hidden sense in all that.

In order to give a first clue on what this is all about I just took a picture of one of the machines we run with my cell phone (see the picture on the right). For further information you can't avoid typing the following combination of letters in the address line of your web browser:

secret manufacturer website

I present the text as a graphic on purpose to make it as hard as possible to get to the web site--otherwise you just could copy/paste, which would be almost as easy as clicking a hyperlink. Besides, this way there's no risk that an overeager search engine will index the text.

On the target site you will also find the manufacturer's e-mail address--which was linked here before. I simply assumed that this hyperlink should be removed, too.

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