Experience of a Multi-Cash-Terminal:

Until the end of 2006 the manufacturer presented his web site as a form of advertisement for medicine. The field of applications, the side effects, the interaction, and the active substances were described rudimentarily. But the contra-indications were totally missing--those are this site's concern.

If you own and run one of these innovatory Multi-Cash-Terminals perhaps you should hurry and pull the plug of the ISDN cable out of the computer. That is the flat black cable on the very left of the computer built in down below. It is in the card which has "AVM" written on it. If you like, you can bookmark this site here until you'll be back. If you come to the conclusion, after finishing the read on this site, that the unplugging was unnecessary, you may plug in again. But don't say I didn't warn you early enough.

I have to say in advance that naturally my following report can only be subjective and it should not in any way be the only criterion to buying the described system. Nevertheless I can assure you that my account is entirely consistent with the facts!--For information about the assets of the device or what it is supposed to be able to in the future please ask the manufacturer! Make sure to make notes because as far as I know there is no convincing written material to aid the advertised statements' verification--not to mention a manual [at least not until October 2006]. In case of doubt, afterwards nothing has been said that you thoughtlessly believed you had understood. Besides, while reading you shouldn't forget to be generous with a grain of salt.

If I have understood the manufacturer correctly my troubles with the product can be put down almost completely to my lack of qualifications. I'm not going to deny that because after all I've been working with coin-machines for only 35 years, and experts in the business know that there isn't one day without learning.

When I started setting up this site my intention was just to give a brief account of how half-baked software often underlies a well marketed product. The security breaches I spotted were announced solely to the manufacturer, and in spite of the arrogant reactions to my concerns I didn't intend to publish them here--just for the purpose of satisfaction.

But I will give up my reserve a little now that I know that not only the users' money is being used thoughtlessly but that even character assassination appears to be considered a proper marketing measure. Not least of all the people working in the same business as I do are a lot closer to me than anyone who tries to earn a fortune at their expense.

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